Movie Reviews- Friday Pizza & Movie Night

There is an ancient tradition in the Amlin Family that happens most Friday nights. Sometimes, we even invite a friend. It's called, "Pizza and a Movie Night". Because we are cheap, we rent movies so most of the movies we watch have been in the theatre for a while. The best part? We make homemade pizza. Join us as we watch movies and try out new recipes for pizza,

Our rating system is pretty simple:

1 Star = Seriously? I want my money back. I had to stop watching. It was that bad. 

2 Stars = Not bad but wouldn't recommend.

3 Stars = I liked it and would tell a friend about it. Nice way to spend the evening.  

4 Stars = Entertaining. Enjoyed it. Great way to spend a Friday night. 

5 Stars = WOW! Loved it! This one is going on my favorites list. Knocked my socks off! Gonna get lots of awards! Go watch this one!!!