Saturday, December 16, 2006


I have been trying for years now to have my Advent wreath set up and ready to go for the first Sunday in Advent. This year I finally made it. 

The wreath was in place with the proper colored candles. I was going to do it this year. Set aside time, light the candle(s), read scripture. There was one thing I neglected to take into consideration. My dog Molly. Seems I put my Advent wreath a little to low. Molly decided to start the Advent season by eating one of my candles. "O.K." I thought, "I will just start without that candle". 

Well I am a slow learner. I came home the next day to a gulity looking dog and one more missing candle. I decided to forget the idea for this year and try again next year. What's one more year .