Thursday, September 27, 2007


Tonight, after work I went to a yoga class at the Shalom Center with my friend Barb. The Shalom center is a really neat place at the edge of town that is run by the Sisters of St. Francis. It is a retreat/wellness center. You feel the calm peacefulness of the place as soon as you get out of your car. I've been here before for a massage. I am impressed at how progressive these nuns are.

So we get there and when we walk in the door we are given directions to go to the 3rd floor. Once we are there we are to follow the yoga mats "kind of like bread crumbs" till we find the class room. The center is like a maze with all of these doors and hallways. Have you ever had a dream about a house with all of these doors, weird rooms and long hallways? Well this is that house. If you never had a dream like that just forget that I even mentioned it. Anyway, we follow the mats and make our way to the classroom. When I walk in the room I am relieved to find that most of the class is old and fat. I hate nothing more then doing yoga next to a skinny, flexible person. Unless you are Barb (she is skinny and flexible but I like her).

The class starts and we are moving right a long. The stretches feel great. We are in the middle a tree pose (see below) which is hard cause you are balancing on one leg while holding the other leg up and all of a sudden I get this urge to push Barb over.

As tempting as that may have been I don't. I just fall over instead. At the end of class I confess to Barb my urge to push her over. She laughed and said "I 'm surprised you made it an hour without talking!"......... I should have pushed her over. I have 5 more weeks of this. I do like it but man is it hard.