Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am grateful.

Me holding a butterfly at the Iowa State Fair.
This photo was taken by my friend Erik Mathre.
 He is good isn't he?

I have been on a sabbatical since last November.  I decided after putting DH (Dear Husband) through 4 years of graduate school I needed a break. Not a few weeks but a year. Yes, an entire year. I worked hard and made many sacrifices (so did the rest of my family) and I felt I wanted to explore some things I had never had time for.  

For instance, art, photography, genealogy, travel, my spiritual side, a foreign language, cooking, juggling…….not really the juggling part. It was a tall order for just one year. 

My sabbatical is nearing the end and as I look over my list I discover I covered just about all of it. 

 I am grateful.