Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to the big city!

Day one of house hunting started out in Oak Park. It was going to be my first introduction to living in Chicago. I was a little anxious at first, kind of like a first date.  Once I parked the car and started to walk around the city it started to feel right.

I stopped at the welcome center, picked up some information and bought a map. Then I headed directly to the Trader Joe's I passed and bought some apples. I know, weird but I was hungry for apples.

Later in the day I picked up Paul from work and we checked out some other neighborhoods. This is where the fun really started.

A true test of any marriage is knowing each others strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, not getting angry about the other persons weakness. I was driving, Paul was the navigator. Bad idea for both parties involved. Once we realized our mistake, I pulled the car over and we did a Chinese Fire Drill (see below) and made things right.

Chinese Fire Drill: 
A Chinese Fire Drill is when, at a red light, a group of people hop out their car, switch to different seats as fast as they can, and ride away.

All I will say is Paul is better at driving and I am better at navigating. Realizing this kept things from getting ugly.

Here are some excerpts of our adventure:

"Do a one eighty."

"I'm surprised someone hasn't been killed yet. "

"Look! I'm driving as fast as that train!"

"Want an apple?"

What did I learn today?

1. Don't be afraid of what you don't know.

2. Apples make great snacks.

3. House hunting can be a real test of your marriage.

4. Find humor in everything.