Sunday, September 3, 2006

My Dad

My dad and I have a very special relationship. I'm his favorite daughter. It's not hard being his favorite because I am his only daughter. My dad and I can have nothing to say and still talk on the phone for an hour. He is a lot of fun to be around.

One of my dad's favorite possessions is his pith helmet. He bought it to keep the sun off of his head and face while working at the EOC (Emergency Operations Center). He loves this helmet and puts it on when ever he goes outside. He bought it online. One day it saved his head when he hit it on the truck.

This morning we were sitting in the living room visiting when we heard a noise coming from the side of the house that we thought might be the air conditioning. Now in Florida when your air conditioner makes a noise you check it out cause it could mean you are in for some very uncomfortable days. Well, my dad had to investigate. He jumped up, put on his pith helmet and grabbed his orange tipped spider stick and was headed out the door. What is a orange tipped spider stick you ask? Let me explain. There are these huge spiders that live in the trees that surround my dad's house.

Sometimes these spiders get confused and spin their webs a little low. How low depends precisely on how tall you are. If you take a stick with you when you go outside and wave it in front of you as you walk, you will avoid running into one of these creatures. Of course you will look a little crazy but who cares. Beats having a huge spider on you. I am guessing the dance you would do if one of those spiders got on you would be crazier looking. Ok back to the spider sticks. So as I watched my dad pick up his spider stick I asked him "Dad, why is the tip of your spider stick painted orange?" He said, "I keep laying the damn things down in the yard and loosing them. This way I can find them." I love my dad.