Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chicago - House Hunting Isn't For Sissies

If you haven't heard, we are moving to Chicago, Il. We sold our home in 5 days, put our belonging in storage and at the mercy and grace of friends we have been staying at their homes.

We started our house hunting early but several realtors told us no one would accept an offer from us until we closed on our house and had money in the bank. Well, this makes it kind of tricky.  Was the Chicago real estate market that different? Yup.

We have this WONDERFUL realtor, Mark Keppy. Not only is he smart and funny but he is good looking too!  Like male model good looking. Cause he was a model once. Snappy dresser too. OK, I'll stop now.  Seriously he is very good at what he does and he makes house hunting fun.

So here we are on house number three. There seems to be a shortage of real estate in our price range so the good ones go fast. We are 1 of 5 contracts on this house and we will find out tonight if the seller picks ours.